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by admin on March 13, 2013

Before our review of below let’s first quickly deal with the issue of promo codes. Peapod are one of the few online grocery services that offer regular promo codes to shave significant pennies off your bill. You can grab your promo code here or visit for more offers.

$20 OFF For New Customers

Get $20 off first time orders. Click on "Reveal Coupon" to get your code and be automatically directed to Peapod to purchase.
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expires 28/02/2014


Get $15 off your 1st order at Click "Reveal Coupon" to grab your code and be taken to to purchase.
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expires 31/12/2014

$6 OFF for Existing Customers

Existing customers get $6 off your purchases of $60 or more. Click "Reveal Coupon" to grab your code and be taken to to purchase.
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expires 19/03/2014

How To Claim Your Peapod Promo Code

Using your code is very simple. When you reach the checkout you will be presented with your shopping list and overall total cost. Below this you will see a number of payment options, see below.

Peapod_Confirmation Page2

Simply enter MATT15OFF into the PROMO CODE box and hit return and you will see your bill reduce by $15.

So, Who Are Peapod Anyway?

So who are Peapod? Well, Peapod are an internet based grocery service that operates in several cities throughout the USA. The companies headquarters is in Skokie in Illinois, USA. The company has an easy to use website where customers can order their weekly or monthly food shopping at discounted prices. Due to the lack of retail stores and staffing costs.

Peapod was originally founded in the late 80s. It is one of the earliest online companies and launched its online store in 1996 that operated in Chicago, San Francisco, Houston and Columbus alongside well known supermarket chains. The company moved into Norwalk in Connecticut, Boston and Watertown in Massachusetts, and Long Island in New York between 1997 and 2000, alongside Stop And Shop. By 2011 they delivered into Washington DC and Philidephia with Giant, and Manhattan with Stop and Shop.

The grocery giant Royal Ahold purchased 51 percent of the company’s shares in June 2000 and by August 2001 Royal Ahold purchased the whole of Peapod. So Peapod cancelled its contracts with the other grocery company’s it previously worked alongside, apart from Stop and Shop and Giant who were owned by Royal Ahold.

New Smartphone Application Now Live

peapod mobilePeapod have recently produced an application for tablets and smart phones that can be used with signs that are at the rail stations in Philadelphia. The signs contain bar-codes of grocery items that can be scanned with the smart-phone or tablet. The groceries are then delivered to the customers home later on in the day. Peapod now deliver groceries via their online ordering services to the following US states: Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York. The locations that the company deliver to is rapidly expanding.

The company sells a wide range of groceries of the highest quality. This includes fruit and vegetables, meats, dairy produce, prepared meals, organic food, baby food and items, health and beauty items, cleaning products, money saving store brand products, pet food, cereals, deli foods, deserts and sweets and much more. They regularly have items on sale and also accept coupons so it is easy to make some fantastic savings with Peapod.

Using The Peapod Online Shopping Store

peapod storePeapod is by far the largest grocery delivery service in the USA, and using their service is incredibly easy. Delivery times are very fast so you no longer have to deal with the hassle of driving to supermarkets and wandering around a store trying to find the products you need. You can simply browse through thousands of products and select the ones you want. You can set up an account and have the website remember previous deliveries so you get your weekly or monthly shop over with in minutes, from the comfort of your own own home.

Online grocery shopping is also much better for the environment as it reduces traffic travelling to retail stores. Delivery trucks can contain a huge about of groceries for their deliveries. It also takes away any need to purchase or build supermarkets, which take up valuable space and resources. It also saves a significant about of money, not just because groceries are cheaper online, but it saves money on gas from driving to stores and supermarkets, saves on parking fees and gives you more time to do more productive things. Most people hate their weekly or monthly grocery shopping, it is stressful and time consuming.

Staff Recommendations And Coupons

People also offer staff selects where members of the company staff recommend specific products on the company website. This is useful for discovering new products that could be very delicious or useful. The company also has promotions and coupons that will enable customers to save even more money on their weekly or monthly shop.

So if you want to take the stress, hassle, time and expense out of your weekly or monthly shopping routine why not take a look at and see if they deliver in your area. If not they are rapidly expanding so it is worth keeping an eye on the company. You will be able to save a lot of money by shopping online and have more time to do something more productive, like spending time with your family and friends.


Not many people enjoy grocery shopping and it is almost always the cause of major stress. Shopping online is always cheaper than shopping at supermarkets and retail stores, so you can treat yourself to new products or delicious foods that you may have been unable to afford. Or you can just use your savings to enjoy your life without the hassle of grocery shopping. So who are Peapod? Check out and find out more.

Sign Up For Peapod And Claim Your $15 Discount


Claim Your Peapod Coupon Code

by admin on April 29, 2013

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Peapod are renowned for offering excellent savings for their first time buyers, simply because they know they will come back time and time again once they use the service once. Peapod offer monthly coupon codes for as much as $15 off the total bill, giving an excellent saving.

Coupon Code: MATT15OFF

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